when it’s okay to say no

September 23, 2016 song 0

Usually people tend to compromise in order to please other people. Why does this happen? well because they are afraid to be rejected and that’ s why often they change their behaviour and the way they’re thinking.

But is this a problem? I would say it is as long as the person forgets who he or she is and looses herself in the process. It’s okay to consider others people’s opinion as long as you still act in the end as you please.
A friend of mine was telling me about the hair on my arms and why I don’t remove it. And she kept saying it wasn’t feminine and so on.
Because lady should not have a trace of hair on her body, her exact words. I replied…you’re full of bulshit and ended it the discussion.

Another friend of mine, on the other hand, hearing this discussion as a third party, she started to look at the arms and noticing the hair and started to panic. She immediately got affected by the things the other person was saying about the hair not being a cool feature on a woman’s body.

Me, on the other hand, I was chill and relaxed because the hair on my arm never bothered me and I disagree with her. I would not go for laser hair removal treatment (LASER IPL) just because a person said to. But other people will, for sure. Because they care too much of what people are saying about them.
So now she bought a laser hair removal device to get rid of the hair on her arms only because some else suggested it and not because she wanted it in the first place. So kudos to people who stay strong and don’t get affected by what other people might think about them.

Hiring Escorts In London Is An Excellent Idea Anytime You Feel Lonely

June 17, 2016 song 0

Women in London are extremely busy and most of them value their time at work more than they do with a companion. For this reason, many men in London who also happen to work very hard find themselves wallowing in solitude. Even foreigners who visit the city hardly find a woman to talk to are those that they find are with someone else. These are common problems across Europe as urbanization gives way to highly individualized lifestyle. However, men are still social beings and they enjoy the company of women more than their female counterparts will ever know. Only London escorts appreciate this fact. Hiring them is an excellent idea anytime you feel lonely.

You can be yourself when you are an escort.

The world we live in is very judgmental especially this city of London. People will be on your case about anything you say or want that they feel is inappropriate. Why should you apologize for having desires when you do not intend to harm anyone? Why should you not tell a woman how beautiful she looks and how you would love to be with her for as long as you can? In the past, such honesty was romantic, but today, you have to be careful who you tell such things others people will call you names. Escorts understand all these things and they respect your sensual and romantic nature. They know that just like them, you have desires that you do not share with other people. They will listen to you as you talk freely. They will also cater to you as long as you make them feel comfortable and appreciated.

You can have a lot of fun when you are around an escort.
Some people are dull including women and they can make your night uneventful. They do not want to go out and party, they do not want to drink, and perhaps they do not want to have some fun with you after the party ends. You can avoid such people by looking for escorts in London. Women who are in this service understand that you are in need of happiness, relaxation, and joyfulness. You can always have a happy conclusion to your night if you treat an escort like a queen. She can listen to you, dance to a bit of music, or even play a few games with you. You will enjoy every minute of her company because she is not as rigid as other women are. She can play any role you want her to play, but it has to be her choice to do so not yours. Treat her with respect, and she will treat you like a king.

As you can now tell, London escorts at Cleopatra Escorts are important because they help men in this city to relax and to feel alive. If they were not important, they would not be such a high demand for their services. It is time for you to experience the true nature and beauty of hiring professional escorts. Hire escorts in London and choose those you like best. For example, you can choose one based on her hair color, shape of her body, or just her smile. She will be good to you if you are good to her so always be nice and respectful to an escort.